ChartNotes Designed by a pharmacy technician, ChartNotes is all the information you need to help your pharmacy provide accurate vaccination and prescription services. ChartNotes is an easy, secure and private way of having your health detail on your iPhone or iPad and with you when you need it. The app is patterned after the World Health […]

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Services Logistics

Services Logistics At the dealer, technicians use the application to provide better warranty and maintenance services to the customers. It would be extremely useful to technicians who need to travel to customers’ site to perform their services and get approval their customers to their work. Its main features of the app are: View list of […]

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Staff Link

Staff Link Staff Link works like a mobile intranet for any company which want to connect all staffs via a solid means via mobile technology. The app is designed with the principles of engaging staffs to make them more connected and sociable by the following features: Staff Bio Fix Asset Management Articles Management Roles & […]

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SalesBox CRM

Automated and Social CRM Salesbox is a startup that recognized the gap between traditional CRM system and the needs of salespeople. It aims at providing an end-to-end system on mobile and web developed by salespeople for sales, customer management and marketing. Salesbox want to build CRM system on Amazon cloud then they can easily provide […]

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Sales Logistics

Sales Logistics for Dealers High value inventory has a unique set of problems that any retailer, dealer of distributor needs to solve. To sell it their staff often needs detail information about each item because no two items of the same make and model are exactly alike. Physical inventories need to be taken often to avoid loss or satisfy […]

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Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange App The Stock Exchange, a Web Mobile Application allows customers of Security companies can manage their accounts and activities and make sure that all information is encrypted and secured. Its main features are: Inquiry account balance. Transfer money. Schedule transferring activities. Sell & Buy stocks real time. The Technical Proposal Server Platform: Spring, Spring MVC. Database: MS SQL […]

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