Successful stories

Nothing demonstrates our problem solving ability and expertise more than real-world examples. Our experience has shown us that our customers remember the times we stood firm in our determination to resolve an issue, despite the challenges we may have faced along the way. The case studies below illustrate how GEM has risen to the toughest challenges, and ensured business success. To see a full brochure of our development capabilities, please contact us.

Automated and Social CRM

Salesbox is a startup that recognized the gap between traditional CRM system and the needs of salespeople. It aims at providing an end-to-end system on mobile and web developed by salespeople for sales, customer management and marketing.

Salesbox want to build CRM system on Amazon cloud then they can easily provide CRM solution to clients all over the world like as Salesforce with less configuration.

Key features:

  • Full functionality of a standard CRM system
  • Social features: Improve sharing and team working activities
  • Remind & Suggest tasks & activities
  • Integrate well with some business tools like as mail, calendar, mapp, call, calendar

The Technical Proposal

  • Client platform: iOS, Android, HTML5 Web
  • Server platform: Sprint, Sprint MVC
  • Database:PostgreSQL
  • Programing language: Java, Objective-C, HTML5/CSS/JS
  • Webservice: REST

The Team Structure

  • Project Manager: 1
  • iOS Developers: 5
  • Android Developers: 5
  • Web Developers: 5
  • Middle-Tier Developer: 3
  • Testers: 2
  • Duration: Several years and still on going