Successful stories

Nothing demonstrates our problem solving ability and expertise more than real-world examples. Our experience has shown us that our customers remember the times we stood firm in our determination to resolve an issue, despite the challenges we may have faced along the way. The case studies below illustrate how GEM has risen to the toughest challenges, and ensured business success. To see a full brochure of our development capabilities, please contact us.

Sales Logistics for Dealers

High value inventory has a unique set of problems that any retailer, dealer of distributor needs to solve. To sell it their staff often needs detail information about each item because no two items of the same make and model are exactly alike. Physical inventories need to be taken often to avoid loss or satisfy financing. Large amounts of capital are tied up making inventory turn over critical for survival. If a recall occurs, the buyer and the item have to be identified. Sales Logistics is built to solve that and more with the following key features:

  • Setup & Authentication
  • Staff Management
  • Unit Price Book.
  • Order Management.
  • Customer Management
  • Physical Inventory.
  • Inventory Aging

The Technical Proposal

  • Client Platform: iOS, and Android.
  • Server Platform: Spring, Spring MVC.
  • Database: PostgreSQL.
  • Programming Language: Java, Objective-C.
  • Web Services: REST.

The Team Structure

  • iOS Developers: 8.
  • Android Developers: 8.
  • Middle-Tier Developers: 6.
  • Tester: 2.
  • Duration: 3 Years.